“I purchased the Taye GoKit 5 piece drum set including hardware (item GK518F). The GoKit drums are awesome as advertised at tayedrums.com. With the exception of the bass drum that has to be built all the other drums were built and fully tuned right out of the box. All I did was tweak the pitch down on the toms to my liking. These drums were shipped from Taiwan. From the time I placed the order to delivery date it took only about a week. Stuart the owner (himself a drummer) is great to work with and his customer service was excellent!!! I HIGHLY recommend Paradiddles Drum Shop.

~ Luis Merit


“As I already have posted on some of the troubles I went through I am pleased to say that yesterday I received my Toms – not even six days after I ordered them from Paradiddles Drum Shop. As I said to him – ‘Thanks for doing what others couldn’t do in a month’ and in the end was the cheapest price of all including shipping and all other costs – almost as cheap as the first quote with out any shipping costs…

… I then contacted Taye again and once again Katy at Taye was amazing in taking care of me. They set me up with Stuart of Paradiddles Drum Shop who contacted me right away and within a day was able to do what other stores couldn’t get organized in nearly a month. He was open and direct about the upcoming holidays and how that will affect my order and said he would contact me as soon as he had tracking information.  All together, I will now have the drums delivered directly to my house instead of the shop an hour away and the total cost is only $50 more than the original quote before I was told of the $600 in shipping.  I know you all have your stores that you are happy with but if there is anything they cannot help you with I encourage you to give Stuart a try at Parradiddles Drum Shop. I am not sure if he is international but he is for sure in the US and Canada.”

~ Robert Chatterton



“Thank You Stuart, I must admit I was a little skeptical when I started putting the bass drum of my Taye Go Kit.together. Did I go too small? What was I thinking! Then I proceeded to unwrap the rest of the kit and to my amazement I was totally impressed with how beautiful and solid these drums were. Then I unpacked the hardware and was equally impressed as well. Still skeptical ! Then I went and completed a comfortable set up and added some of my cymbals and ( now for the big test! ) started to play. WOW I could not believe what I was hearing. Amazing ! Just like you said. I cannot wait to gig with this kit,I have not told anyone in the band yet, so I am looking forward to the look on their faces ! Stuart you were true to your word. I am so happy with this kit and I can’t thank you and paradiddledrumshop for everything. You now have a new customer for life and I will be recommending your shop to my fellow drummers.You have been a pleasure do deal with, and I look forward to doing business in the future. Even my wife was amazed ! LOL . Thank You again and I will talk to you soon. Regards.”

 ~ Ken Kraus
New York



Great experience shopping online with Paradiddles Drum Shop!! Stuart was very helpful when I had questions about some of the gear I was interested in. Super nice guy, and he can get you anything you need!! Items were received promptly and in perfect condition. I would definitely shop here again!! Thanks Stuart!!

~ Jeff A. McDonald

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