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These are formal lessons in the art of drums and drumming with Seth Burkhart a long time drummer, touring, studio and educator.
• Comfort and privacy.
• Better stress relief.
Because the curriculum is provided online, you can attend sessions in the comfort and privacy of your home - a benefit for persons who want to learn without the censure of others.
Indeed, music can relieve stress with the drum perhaps one of the most versatile instruments for selfexpression. Your online drum lessons will cover different types of music from soothing to energizing, which you can use in your own process of stress relief.

Seth Burkhart features courses covering a wide variety of drum patterns and styles, allowing you to express yourself in any way you wish. Whether it be jazz, rock, country or heavy metal of course, online drum lessons are fun! You will find the lessons to be both entertaining and enlightening that, in turn, will provide the motivation to keep on drumming until you have mastered your beginner lessons. You can then set higher goals, say, in the intermediate and advanced training provided by Seth Burkhart.

Playing the drums has its own fair share of unique benefits, too. Keep in mind that mastery of the drum requires excellent coordination between the hands, feet and eyes from reading the sheet music, if any, to making the music itself. Indeed, drumming may appear easy - just pound on the drums and let go - but it is a science and an art in itself. Nobody will pick up the drum sticks and master it overnight; it takes commitment to learning solid timing and rhythm, the backbone of drumming
Most providers of online drum lessons usually allow their students to progress at their own pace - according to the lessons planned, or slower for better understanding, or faster for quicker progression. Your progress is partly your responsibility since you have to put in the time, energy, and effort in how to play drums while your teacher will put in his counterpart time, energy and effort to meet you halfway in the learning process.
No travel expenses, no incidental expenses, and no missed classes, which translates to better value for your money. Online lessons are also more affordable than their classroom-based counterparts partly because the instructor does not have overhead expenses. This allows the instructor to provide a lot more material and training for his or her students. These lessons are quite efficient and allow for the student to go at his or her own pace throughout the duration of the course.

You will spend for your own drum kit as well as accessories. Since these are your property during and after the drum lessons, think of these items as your worthy investments in your music career. The advantage to this is being able to play on your own set-up without having to transport your gear to and from a drumming studio. Think of it like driving your own car; it's something you're very familiar and comfortable with. I remember when I took drumming lessons at a studio, I would not be able to showcase my greatest skill because the drum set my instructor provided me was a lot different than the one I was used to at home. I feel this is a huge benefit to the student of an online course.
- Setting up your drum set
- Tuning your drums
- Reading music
- Playing to songs

Ages 10 and up and all abilities are welcome. Areas of study include: Hand/Foot technique, Various Styles/Genres, Soloing, Grooving, Independence, etc.

1. Stick control by (George Lawrence Stone) which you can get at or call Stuart @ 954-840-7685 for all your other drumming materials based on student's ability/performance level, drumsticks, a practice pad and metronome. Owning a drum set isnot required.
2. (Payments via Paypal)

1. 60 minute drum lesson $55.00
2. Students who pay monthly will receive a $15 discount.

Lesson cancellations must be made 24 hours prior to the lesson to receive credit towards future lessons.

- PC or Mac with high speed internet connection.
- Good quality web cam that has built in microphone.
- Sparkers connected to your computer.
- Practice Pad & sticks or drum set, whatever you prefer.
- Register for a Skype account, it’s free (get Skype here).
- Set up a Paypal account, available for free at

Contact info: 774-325-2022 /
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