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Vox TelStar

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Main Features

  • The elliptical Bass Drum was originally designed as 2 different sized drums joined together,as

           a result the sound it produces is different depending upon where the kick pedal is placed.

  • The elliptical Bass Drum stands out easily on stage
  • Vintage design, visual impact"
  • Vintage VOX logo used on the badge
  • Produced under the supervision of Sakae Osaka Heritage
  • Drumhead made by REMO,we will keep spares"
  • Edge machining applied to get a nice vintage sound
  • Drum Kit cons isting of Bass drum,tom, floor tom, snare,kick pedal,Hi-Hat stand,snare stand, cymbal boom stand           
  • One-s hot limited production (500 sets) with serial numbers
  • Lighter than a normal drum set, easier to transport and set up than a normal drum set

Who is this for?

  • Drummers who value originality and an interesting designfor their instrument
  • VOX Collectors
  • Drummers who want to stand out on stage by using a non-standard drum set
  • Drummers who want to be able to make 2 different sounds with the same bass drum

•   Bass Drum : Original Size{ 18"+12"x 13"),10/ 20 Lug
•  White coated head especially made by REMO(Top/ Bottom)
•  Tom or cymbal can be mounted
•  Tom : 13" x 7.5",6/ 12 Lug"
•  White coated head (Top/ Bottom)
•  Snare :1411 x S",8 Lug
•  White coated head (Top), Clear head( Bottom)
•  Floor Tom :16" x 15 .5",8/ 16 Lug
•  White coated head (Top/ Bottom)
•  Hi-Ha t Stand :Vintage flat-base stand and original pedal
•  Snare Stand :Vintage flat-base stand
•  Kick Pedal :Vintage flat-base stand

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