Drum Triggers

Drum Triggers

Drum Triggers

Electronic drum triggers for acoustic drums provide the ability to create digital signals that track dynamics and capture a player’s feel better than some electronic kits can. While there are several manufacturers of trigger’s, Ddrum’s broad range of triggers stand out as an industry leader. Plus, it can be used with the sound module of your choice.

Great sound can be achieved by combining miked drum sounds with triggered sounds, to beef-up or otherwise enhance a drum’s acoustic tone. Triggers used by drummers on stage re-create the exact sounds from their band’s records while retaining the look and feel of acoustic drums. The advantage all of this is if any of the drum sounds need to be changed, it isn’t necessary to come back and rerecord the drum parts. The engineer just dials in another snare, kick, or tom sound. Handy.

Much of recording is done in small studios. Many just aren’t designed to manage acoustic drum sets. By triggering drums, though, a drummer can play an acoustic set, record the overheads, and record the “drum performance” as both MIDI and audio coming from the drum sound module.

If your band records or even plays live gigs, triggers make a lot of sense toward getting the sound you want. They’re more than simply another gizmo. Triggers give you the control and sound you desire from your playing.

Need a trigger kit? No problem. Paradiddles has you covered for less than might expect. Follow this link to learn more.

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