Roll-Up Drum Kits: The New Way to Strike a Rhythm

Roll-Up Drum Kits: The New Way to Strike a Rhythm

In this digital age, anything small is “IN”. From saxophones to guitars, the music industry is keeping up with the trend and will stop innovating to cater to its audience.

Who would have though that you can literally fold a drum kit, tuck it in your bag a it is nd roll it out for you to use? Might be strange and hard to believe, but someone has come up with it and the sound quality is almost the same as playing in an actual drum kit.

Roll-up drum kits are lightweight (less than 5 pounds) and are far smaller than traditional electronic drum sets. You can actually play these kits on a table top or any flat surface.They generally contain everything you need to get started, including foot pedals. You can also play using inbuilt speakers or connect your headphones for quiet practice.

Why You Should Own One

Roll-up drum kits are great for a number of reasons. If you are an aspiring drummer, you should consider buying one because of the following:

1. Inexpensive. The most expensive roll up drumkit will only cost you $80. Not bad for a beginner who wants to learn how to play the drums without worrying about expensive equipment.

2. Portable. You can carry it anywhere you go without the hassle of damaging the equipment while in transit since they can be easily stored, folded and transported.

3. Sounds almost like an actual drum set. It’s an ensemble of drums that in a small package that also comes with its own foot pedals. What more can you ask for?


All in all, roll-up drum kits are very practical to use and are a great investment to those who are starting to learn how to play the drums. Just be sure to do your research first prior to purchasing one for you and your loved ones. Always consult your local music store for tips or subscribe to to learn more.