Snare Specials

Snare Specials


MSRP: $485.92 OUR PRICE: $262.40 

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Get gigging with the Café Racer snare drum. Designed to go with your Café Racer drum kit, this tulipwood snare delivers a dry, focused tone that boasts versatility and resonance. With chrome Tru-Tune tension rods for refined tuning, this is the perfect bit of kit to take on the road

SPECIFICATION: Sun lugs, Tru-Tune tension rods, Hand-finished 45-degree bearing edge, 14×6.5”





Taye Studio Maple (Coral Burst – NEW FINISH FOR 2019!)

MSRP: $419.00       Our Price: $251.40  

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At the heart of StudioMaple are hand-selected 100% North American Sugar Maple shells featuring EFS™ Shell Technology providing warm, well-rounded tone, with a balanced mix of bottom end punch, lower mid-range warmth, and hi-end attack.

StudioMaple snares feature thicker 10ply 7.5mm shells, providing additional volume and projection for maximum cut where it’s needed most.

Besides its tonal characteristics, our maple is a beautiful foundation for our Brilliant High Gloss Lacquers featuring an extensive process resulting in stunningly deep, mirror-like finishes.


100% North American Sugar Maple Shells

Shells 6″ to 15″ are 6 ply, 4.5mm

Shells 16″ to 24″ are 7 ply, 5.3mm

Snares are 10 ply, 7.5mm

EFS™ Shell Technology

UB105 PocketHinge® Bracket

BC100 Articulated Claw Hook™

Brilliant High Gloss Lacquer Finishes

Studded Gaskets

SlideTrack® Tom Holder System

SuspensionRings™ for Rack Toms

2.3mm Counterhoops




Crush Multi Species Snare Drum with Natural Ash outer ply

MSRP: $720.00     Our Price: $449.99  

YOU SAVE: $270.01!!!

Multi Species Overview

The Multi Species snare started as a dare between the designers at Crush and a few of our artists. To our surprise we built a snare that is sonically superior to most wooden snare drums and has become a huge conversation piece for drummers and designers alike.

Two plies each of five different desirable drum woods results in a drum that expresses itself favorably across the frequency spectrum. Sonically it has articulate highs and warm mellow low tones.

Hybrid Features

Reverse Triple Flange Hoops

Reverse flange hoops increase strength with less mass which allows your snare drum to sound fuller and fatter. The curve of the hoops also allow for longer playing time with less fatigue and punishment to your hands and wrists than with die cast.

Crush Tube Lug

Made from spun brass and beautifully finished in satin. These tube lugs are not only sexy they are extremely durable and will function perfectly for many years to come.

42 Strand Snare Wires

Carbon Steel wires and bronze end clips allows for Increased snare response without choking the drum. Full Fat tone and extra sizzle on the high end.


  • 10-ply Maple/ Mahogany/ Ash/ Birch/ Wenge Shell
  • Natural Ash Outer Ply
  • Crush Tube Lugs
  • Satin Finish Hardware
  • 42 Strand Carbon Steel Snare Wires
  • Sizes 13″x7″





RETAILS: $433.99   OUR PRICE: 259.99   

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MSRP: $260.00                  Our Price: $156.99       

YOU SAVE:      $103.00!!! 


The Gretsch Ash side snare is the perfect complement to any drum set or percussion rig. The 10-ply Ash formula shell combined with the convenient Gretsch GTS mounting system creates a snare with a piercing back beat and convenient mounting option.